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I am always preparing titles and often make Talks to order. Below are a few already created.
 If you have a subject in mind and you would like to discuss, please...Get in Touch 

Births, Marriages and Deaths       - potted histories in clay

Pot Luck                                           -my favourite things from a life in 'stuff'  - not all are ceramics

The Dragon's Fifth Claw                  signs, puns and  hidden meanings in Chinese Ceramics

The Hand and the Wheel                  Man's varied uses of Clay from Stone Age to Space Age

NB !
 2014 marks the 250th Anniversary of William Hogarth's Death

...here are more of my talks on The World through Hogarth's Eyes...

Milk, Medicine and Madness

A  health check on 18th Century London - through the Life and Images of William Hogarth.  You''ll be glad to be living in the 21st Century [first given at the Royal Institution and since to the Harveian Society] not for the squeamish

Five Men behaving badly

Hogarth and Friends on their 1732 Peregrination of  Kent,  in their own words and images; and the Medway sites as they appear today

Vice and Innocence

Hogarth's Women and Children - and his position in the creation and the running of London's Foundling Hospital

"A Wanton Kind of Chase"  [in two parts] 

The physical and moral worlds of William Hogarth.
A two-day course (with whatever interval you may wish):
Day 1. Innocence (1697 to 1740s) ; and  Day 2. Experience (1740s to 1764)

First given to NADFAS in Jan/Feb 2012 (as part of their wider London project)
- two full study days rounded off with LT-guided visits [subject to availability] to:-  
1. The Foundling Museum [and 2. The John Soane Museum
(maximum number on museum visits, 30, otherwise, carte blanche)

Thank you for your two splendid days on Hogarth for our London course...you illuminated life in London and the connections Hogarth had with other spheres... and your enthusiasm and love for your
subject was so infectious       

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