Meissen Man

LT by the monument to J F Boettger, alchemist 
- at the Jungfrau Bastei, Dresden,
 where Meissen porcelain was born, c1710


  • Corporate Happenings
  • After-Dinner Talks 
  • Hosting, Presenting, Interviews
  • Motivational Events

          left  auctioning Kate Winslet's dress
          at Cardboard Citizen's charity event
          at Christchurch, Spitalfields, 2011

TV, Radio and Film

  • presenting / devising programmes
  • historical advisor
  • voice-over

Talks and Lectures

International speaking events

  • to Arts Societies (NADFAS, National Trust, Heritage groups)
  • Festivals 
  • Universities (keynote speeches UK, USA, Scandinavia)
  • Corporates (motivational/ entertainment, e.g. Chambers of Commerce (UK, China)
  • Cultural Tours/ Cruise Companies 

left   LT lecturing in Brisbane (ADFAS tour of Australia)

Cultural Tours partnership with specialist travel agents, creating and guiding trips to:

  • China
  • London and the United Kingdom
  • Scandinavia

Curatorship & Exhibitions

  • Devising
  • Creating
  • Cataloguing
  • ...and promoting Exhibitions


While political alliances wax and wane..
Britain remains European!

Lars leads more cultural tours in 2020

DRESDEN in February 
3rd - 7th February -  ACE Cultural Tours

DENMARK (Jutland/ Funen/ Zealand)
4th - 12 August             ACE Cultural Tours

ON THE DANUBE (Vienna/ Budapest/ Bratislava)
1st - 8th September      ACE Cultural Tours

CHINA (Jingdezhen/ Huangshan/ Hangzhou/ Longquan/ Dehua/ Quanzhou/ Hong Kong)
22nd October - 10th November 

Corona Virus-
- at this time we continue to observe FCO and WHO assessments and to monitor reports from our contacts in China.  Do contact ACE if you want to hear latest.

Meanwhile... The Arts Society  2020 and beyond

LT Talks and STUDY DAYS 

My most popular Study Days in 2019 have comprised three sessions, Lecture One "The Gate of Heroes"; Lecture Two "Harlots Rakes and Crashing China"; [break for lunch]; Afternoon Session "A One-Man Roadshow  -  Ceramics or What You Will"  -members bring an object or two...

Other combinations are possible.  Contact me  to discuss (07823 322373)

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