inside a bottle kiln hovel, Stoke

....must see....

,,,the 'David Vases'...the earliest known dated blue and white vases in the world.  British Museum

and Avoiding Crowds...

...Talks and Lectures back on...

left   LT lecturing in Brisbane Arts Society lecture tour, 2016


Hogarth Punch Bowl...

...other side....

Programme Secretaries! Stop Press!


            Gilding the Lily  -From Botany to Pottery

- An amazing ceramic journey in clay;  How potters through the ages embraced  the plant world in form and design

A Christmas talk with a Punch 

             One more Bowl...and Then!

 What's in a Punch?  -A cup of  Yule-tide  cheer.   Sailing among drinking vessels  from Asia to Europe, we finally  stagger back tot Mr Ashley's London punch Tavern and invite you to join in join a choral climax with a recently re-discovered 18thC potter's anthem: 'Wetting the Clay'.

And yet another talk in my Hogarth series....

             William Hogarth' moral times The Wokes' Progress

An artist's moral heart. - to be given in August 2023

            Hogarth's Gardens of Salvation

-  in collaboration with London Early Opera,  an evening of live music, images and  words visiting the intersectin lives of Handel, Hogarth, Coram and Tyres


Last updated July 2023