Meissen Man

LT by the monument to J F Boettger, alchemist 
- at the Jungfrau Bastei, Dresden,
 where Meissen porcelain was born, c1710


  • Corporate Happenings
  • After-Dinner Talks 
  • Hosting, Presenting, Interviews
  • Motivational Events

          left  auctioning Kate Winslet's dress
          at Cardboard Citizen's charity event
          at Christchurch, Spitalfields, 2011

TV, Radio and Film

  • presenting / devising programmes
  • historical advisor
  • voice-over

Talks and Lectures

International speaking events

  • to Arts Societies (NADFAS, National Trust, Heritage groups)
  • Festivals 
  • Universities (keynote speeches UK, USA, Scandinavia)
  • Corporates (motivational/ entertainment, e.g. Chambers of Commerce (UK, China)
  • Cultural Tours/ Cruise Companies 

left   LT lecturing in Brisbane (ADFAS tour of Australia)

Cultural Tours partnership with specialist travel agents, creating and guiding trips to:

  • China
  • London and the United Kingdom
  • Scandinavia

Curatorship & Exhibitions

  • Devising
  • Creating
  • Cataloguing
  • ...and promoting Exhibitions


5th November 2019

Given by


The Missing Claw –and other Revelations from a Personal Casebook
A detailed dissection of notable ‘pots’ encountered in a career of over 40 years -in broadcasting, lecturing and curating ceramics  

Lars leads more cultural tours in 2020:

DENMARK (Jutland/ Funen/ Zealand)
4th - 12 August             ACE Cultural Tours

ON THE DANUBE (Vienna/ Budapest/ Bratislava)
1st - 8th September      ACE Cultural Tours

CHINA (Jingdezhen/ Huangshan/ Hangzhou/ Longquan/ Dehua/ Quanzhou/ Hong Kong)
22nd October - 10th November 

Meanwhile... The Arts Society  2019 -2020 and beyond

LT Talks and STUDY DAYS 

My most popular Study Days in 2019 have comprised three sessions, Lecture One "The Gate of Heroes"; Lecture Two "Harlots Rakes and Crashing China"; [break for lunch]; Afternoon Session "A One-Man Roadshow  -  Ceramics or What You Will"  -members bring an object or two...

Other combinations are possible.  Contact me  to discuss (07823 322373)

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