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,,,the 'David Vases'...the earliest known dated blue and white vases in the world.  British Museum

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left   LT lecturing in Brisbane Arts Society lecture tour, 2016


Hogarth Punch Bowl...

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2022 OPEN FOR CULTURE!  -My forthcoming exhibitions, tours and talks include:-

A "MUST SEE" HOGARTH AND EUROPE -continues at the Tate until 20th March 2022
guest-guided tours temporarily suspended at the Tate  BUT you may hear aon the TATE Audio Guide and can read me the Exhibition Catalogue -plus in the much-discussed wall captions 
- includes two massive Chinese Hogarth-subject punchbowls, on loan from USA and from Norway.
Never hitherto exhibited together!  Don't miss this opportunity! AND SO JOIN...

...A TWO-DAY HOGARTH TOUR with LARS THARP IN LONDON (8th and 9th March 2022)
visits to the Smithfield of Hogarth's childhood and his early career: St Bart's Hospital, The Foundling, Sir John Soane's Museum; The National Portrait Gallery; Greenwich Naval College and (by river) Tate Gallery
Along the trip we discuss issues stimulated by Tate Exhibition - our final afternoon visit
- or: contact Amelia at ACE 01223 849013 / or Lars:

TREASURES OF DRESDEN -six-days in Saxony with LARS THARP (21st-26th March)
- visits to one of the greatest surviving treasure houses in Europe, including the fabulous collections of Augustus the Strong; visits to the nearby town of Meissen (seat of the first European porcelain factory -and still working);  visits include the Zwinger, the Alte Meister Gallerie and others; our Hotel, The Hyperion, is within a few paces of the Rezidenz and within restored historic city.
One of my most popular tours (six times with ACE)
contact Amelia at ACE 01223 849013 / or Lars:

forthcoming 2022 visits to UK, Spanish (4) and German (2) Arts Societies 
NB ! owing to European tours I shall miss the annual Arts Society Speakers' Fair 
(22nd March)

 - so programme secretaries please do make contact as you firm up your '23-24 lecture/study day programmes  

Plus COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG, Virgina (Feb-March 2022)
LT keynote speaker (fully booked) 

The Danube River Cruise (August 2022  - with ACE Cultural Tours)
contact Amelia at ACE 01223 849013 / or Lars: 

-for societies and groups planning a mixed programme of 'in person' and zoomed talks
-I do both

      "Our audience gave Lars's new  zoom format a 100% Satisfaction rating  -thank you"
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BBC ANTIQUES ROADSHOW  .... watch this space

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