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The Gate of Heroes

- on the China Trail: how Chinese porcelain was made and delivered to Europe

Follow the epic 800-mile overland journey made by 99% of the Chinese porcelain displayed in the great houses of Europe. A year in the making and a month in transit, the porcelain arrived in Canton to join the other luxuries destined for the West: silks, teas, wall-papers, furniture and silverware - transfering to a waiting East Indiaman for the equally hazardous 12,000 mile sea-journey to Europe. 
Not all vessels returned.

A frequent visitor to China and to the fabled city of Jingdezhen, 'Porcelain Capital of the World', I followed the arduous route in my film Treasures of Chinese Porcelain (BBC4), a sequel to my earlier programme on BBC Radio 4 (China on a Plate). This talk follows the route. I take you on the China Trail  -and through The Gate of Heroes.

And afterwards you will view the Chinese porcelain in our houses with a different eye.

Congratulations on the porcelain film - a wonderful
combination of detailed information and entertainment.  A real classic! 
NW Oxon

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