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Making Pots in China

An introduction to all the major wares of Chinese Ceramic History, illustrated with examples from the world-famous Shanghai Museum as well as the Percival David Collection (BM), the Victoria & Albert Museum and other collections beyond.  From the grave to the table and connoisseur's cabinet, I explore several branches of China’s rich ceramic traditions, from the fifth millennium BC to the present, from simplicity to breathtaking complexity.  I finish with a look at modern-day Jingdezhen, Porcelain Capital of the World  -how the tradition continues and changes.

[Can be combined with other titles including On the China Trail; as well as in conjunction with guided tours to any of the featured collections, whether in London or in China.]
images: Carved Dingyao Dish; Qin "terracotta" army, detail ; Tang sancai tomb guardian

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