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Harlots, Rakes & Crashing China

- an Accidental Introduction to 18th century Ceramics (and to the Works of William Hogarth)

The 250th Hogarth Anniversary*

We travel through Hogarth's detailed interiors.  High life and low, players, real and fictional.  Humdrum chattels and faddish luxuries- including most of the Ceramic traditions of the time right up to the eve of the Wedgwood revolution. The ping-pong war of potters East and West, teh emergence of European porcelain.  Through his racy narratives - The Harlot, The Rake and Marriage-à-la-Mode - Hogarth offers his own moral commentary on the pursuit of Taste and Luxury. Prepare to blush.

A unique talk, highly popular.  Entertaining and educational.  For Festivals and Arts Socieites. Works well for AS as a Special Anniversary Event or  a Study Day theme. Premiered at the International Ceramics Fair & Seminar (1997) Hogarth's Tercentenary, launching my book Hogarth's China (1997)


I shall never look at paintings in the same way again.  You have completely changed my view of Hogarth and ceramics...
                                                                                                                                 DL National Trust

...nobody wanted it to end.  I kept being told that you were the best ever!  I was so pleased that the members had such a memorable day...Thank you so much for making the day so special for us.
                                                                                                       an Arts Society group, South England

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