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Television and Radio

Southampton 1986  -my first Antiques Roadshow, since when I have appeared on all subsequent seriesSince my first appearence on the programme (Southampton, 1986). I have been a regular member of the BBC Antiques Roadshow team, appearing in all subsequent series up to 2013.

For BBC Radio 4 I retraced the historic China-trade route from Jingdezhen down to Canton -  an 800 mile journey made by over 99% of Chinese porcelain destined for European palaces and stately homes.  It was titled China on a Plate. My producer was Marya Burgess.

Then in 2011 for BBC 4 we filmed the same epic  journey for BBC 4's Handmade series.  The film has been shown throughout the world and in 2013 we return to China to film a sequel,  China in Six Easy Pieces, this time focussing on ceramics for the imperial Chinese court  (dir. Ian Denyer, for Blast! films)

Summary of all broadcasting


  • Antiques Roadshow (BBC1 ongoing, continuously since 1986)
  • University Challenge (Alumni edition) (BBC1, Christmas, 2013)
  • China in Six Easy Pieces (BBC4, in preparation, TX summer 2013)
  • Treasures of Chinese Porcelain (2011 -co-writer and presenter BBC4)
  • Handmade in Britain [3-part series for BBC4  - expert contributor]
  • Eggheads (Celebrity Edition) (2010 BBC2) (we lost)
  • BBC Antiques Roadshow (presenter for a re-wrapped TV edition for export]
  • Canadian Antiques Roadshow (4 programmes, CBC 1999)
  • Eggheads (Celebrity edition: Roadshow Team) (2010)(we lost, just)
  • Priceless Roadshow [BBC two series, 2008 / 2009]
  • Castle in the Country  [BBC, Steve Potter - eight series, 2004 - 2008]
  • Inside Antiques, presenter [12-part series BBC Four 2004 and current TX]
  • Antiques Inspectors (BBC 2 both series, 1997 and 1999 (all eight editions))
  • The Real Collector’s Guide, presenter [Wall to Wall, 1995; 22 editions]
  • In Search of Vilhelm Hammershøi (with Michael Palin; LT advisor and contributor, 2005)
  • Call My Bluff (with Alan Coren and Sandi Toksvig .
  • The Antiques Show (BBC2, one series)
  • Going, Going, Gone (BBC Scotland  - resident Expert, 35 progs)
  • The Titanic (Channel 5, documentary  -presenter ITV)
  • The Great Antiques Hunt (BBC2 -all series c. 1989-1999 - expert)

Radio, including 

  • Baroque Spring series -Five Interval discussions with Katie Derham (ongoing, R3, March 2013)
  • There's Something about the 'Cello (with Julian Lloyd Weber  - Prom Interval Talk, R3, 2011)
  • Woman's Hour (Scandinavian jumpers......R4, 2011)
  • Medici Porcelain and Opera (Bernardo Buontalenti  -Prom Interval Talk, R3 2010)
  • Potted Immortality (-with Grayson Perry, R4, 2009)
  • Men in Bow Ties  -The Archive Hour - antiques on radio and TV (R4, 2007)
  • China on a plate (– recorded in China, May 2007)
  • Hidden Treasures (chairman and script writer, four series, R4,1998-2002)
  • For What It’s Worth (social history of “Things”,R4, four series 2002-2006)
  • In search of Hans Christian Andersen (R3 co-presenter with Michael Rosen, 2005 / 2006)
  • X Marks the Spot” (with Brian Sewell / Robin Simon et al.R4 2005 and 2006)
  • Out of the Fire (-on Ceramics, writer-presenter, R4 2000)
  • Hidden Treasures (Annie Bristow, four series: chairman and script writer, R4,1998-2002)
  • Local radio stations UK/ USA/ Australia