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Of the memorable ceramics passing through my hands during my years at Sothebys, the Edward T Chow Collection (London and Hong Kong, 1980) was the most momentous, setting new auction records at the time.  Today, with an ever-growing demand for Chinese porcelain (especially 'mark and period' pieces of the Yongzheng and Qianlong periods) those 1980 record prices have been left far behind, with seven- and eight-figure sums becoming the norm.

As a Broker/ Agent in Chinese and European Ceramics (and in many other fields) I act for

  • private individuals (disposal and/or purchase)
  • public museums and galleries
  • auction houses
  • other instiutions

Contact me for advice on

  • identification and attribution (cataloguing)
  • acquisition and/or disposal
  • care (insurance, repair, restoration, storage, display, transport)


- will depend on the nature of the work undertaken and will be discussed at the outset.  Essentially the fee is based 'time taken' plus expenses.  Having brokered a successful transaction (i.e. buying or selling on behalf of a client) I will charge a percentage commission on the transaction fee (off-setting any previously paid time-based fees).
(All transactions concluded in the UK subject to VAT) 

Sometimes, to fulfill a commission, it may be necessary to enlist the advice of one or more consultants  - in particular where a client / executors require advice on taxation or timing.  I can advise and draw on a network of respected  specialists in most fields of art.

Identification from pictures (photos or email images) will be charged at a discretionary fee of  £50 per item (or for low-value items, for a donation to the Foundling Museum).  All advice given from photos is offered in good faith and is subject to all the usual qualifications arising from non-physical inspection.

For photographic first opinions please go to my "Get in Touch" page...