Meissen Man

LT by the monument to J F Boettger, alchemist 
- at the Jungfrau Bastei, Dresden,
 where Meissen porcelain was born, c1710


  • Corporate Happenings
  • After-Dinner Talks 
  • Hosting, Presenting, Interviews
  • Motivational Events

          left  auctioning Kate Winslet's dress
          at Cardboard Citizen's charity event
          at Christchurch, Spitalfields, 2011

TV, Radio and Film

  • presenting / devising programmes
  • historical advisor
  • voice-over

Talks and Lectures

International speaking events

  • to Arts Societies (NADFAS, National Trust, Heritage groups)
  • Festivals 
  • Universities (keynote speeches UK, USA, Scandinavia)
  • Corporates (motivational/ entertainment, e.g. Chambers of Commerce (UK, China)
  • Cultural Tours/ Cruise Companies 

left   LT lecturing in Brisbane (ADFAS tour of Australia)

Cultural Tours partnership with specialist travel agents, creating and guiding trips to:

  • China
  • London and the United Kingdom
  • Scandinavia

Curatorship & Exhibitions

  • Devising
  • Creating
  • Cataloguing
  • ...and promoting Exhibitions

WELCOME! to The Arts Society and others

My website lists my latest Talk titles and Study Day subjects.

In my Gallery you’ll find downloadable images for publicity posters and fliers (NB click on thumbnails for full resolution).

While on this Home Page I list a selection of  forthcoming Expeditions / Cultural Tours designed in collaboration with award-winning cultural tour specialists Martin Randall Travel and ACE of Cambridge 

  • Hogarth and London  28th September  2017 ( Martin Randall Travel)
  • Meissen and Dresden 
    - a six-day trip to the cradle of European Porcelain, a popular tour developed with  ACE and in 2017, owing to popular demand, promoted by the Daily Telegraph: three departures:
    23rd October;  13th November   -BOTH NOW FULL
    and 27th November -almost full

... some 2018 LT happenings ...

  • Handel's Pleasures at Vauxhall (March 2018 at St George's Hanover Square)
          -part of London Handel Festival 
  • China Ceramics: Tour (May 15 - 26th with Martin Randall)
  • In Viking Lands: Tour (Denmark, Sweden and Norway), June 2018 with ACE)
  • Art in Copenhagen: Tour (August, 2018) with ACE)
  • China Landscapes -Southern China Tour (October 2018 with ACE)
  • Hogarth in London (dates to be confirmed)