Consultancy: Art & Antiques

Professional advice on Ceramics and Works of Art:

left  One Man and His Pug  LT eyeing the celebrated Chelsea porcelain model of Hogarth's dog Trump (filmed for BBC at the V&A, March 2014)


  • Corporate Happenings
  • After-Dinner Talks 
  • Hosting, Presenting, Interviews
  • Motivational Events

          left  auctioning Kate Winslet's dress
          at Cardboard Citizen's charity event
          at Christchurch, Spitalfields, 2011

TV, Radio and Film

  • presenting / devising programmes
  • historical advisor
  • voice-over

Talks and Lectures

International speaking events

  • to Societies (NADFAS, National Trust, Heritage groups)
  • Universities (keynote speeches UK, USA, Scandinavia)
  • Corporate, Chambers of Commerce (UK, China)
  • Cruise Companies [see also Cultural Tours)

left   LT lecturing in Brisbane (2013 ADFAS tour of Australia)

Cultural Tours partnership with specialist travel agents, creating and guiding trips to:

  • China
  • London and the United Kingdom
  • Scandinavia

Curatorship & Exhibitions

  • Devising
  • Creating
  • Cataloguing
  • ...and promoting Exhibitions

It's raining MING, MING! ... and more MING!

LT walks with Kirsty Wark through National Museum of Scotland (Edinburgh) current MING exhibition on Edinburgh Extra, BBC Four, Sunday 17th August 22:00:
''As precious as a Ming Vase?' LT gives an evening  talk at the National Museum of Scotland, 10th Sept 2014 ( / what's on)
- then the BM Ming Exhibition opens in London 18th September 2014

COME TO CHINA in APRIL 2015 - with Lars Tharp/ Martin Randall Travel
Shanghai / Jingdezhen / Hangzhou / Taipei (Taiwan) National Palace Museum

@ THE FOUNDLING MUSEUM, London 21st August
My new talk (developed from my Pug programme on BBC Four (March 2014)
PUG's PROGRESS  -from William Hogarth to Grayson Perry

Filming of our new season (37) of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW has begun...

(For all  transmission and recording dates of the current 2013/ 2014  series, click here)

24th October- by popular demand: 'The Complete London Hogarth Tour' 
visit the Martin Randall Travel page

Before then, also LT with Martin Randall Travel:
A London Connoisseurs' Tour 17th-20th August 2014