Consultancy: Art & Antiques

Professional advice on all aspects
of Ceramics and Art:

left  William Hogarth (1697-1764) - terracotta portrait by Louis François Roubiliac (National Portrait Gallery, London)

2014  - the 250th Anniversary of Hogarth's death. Return here for updates on WH events


  • Corporate Happenings
  • After-Dinner Talks 
  • Hosting, Presenting, Interviews
  • Motivational Events

          left  auctioning Kate Winslet's dress
          at Cardboard Citizen's charity event
          at Christchurch, Spitalfields, 2011

TV, Radio and Film

  • presenting / devising programmes
  • historical advisor
  • voice-over

Talks and Lectures

International speaking events

  • to Societies (NADFAS, National Trust, Heritage groups)
  • Universities (keynote speeches UK, USA, Scandinavia)
  • Corporate, Chambers of Commerce (UK, China)
  • Cruise Companies [see also Cultural Tours)

left   LT lecturing in Brisbane (2013 ADFAS tour of Australia)

Cultural Tours partnership with specialist travel agents, creating and guiding trips to:

  • China
  • London and the United Kingdom
  • Scandinavia

Curatorship & Exhibitions

  • Devising
  • Creating
  • Cataloguing
  • ...and promoting Exhibitions


-watch out for repeats on BBC Four of
One Man and his Pug 

- or for bite-sized clips:

'What an absolutely riveting programme that was.  We were hanging on every word and found it fascinating, compelling and will now only be satisfied if Trump 'blasts forth' his presence to be reunited with his master'

Tak allesammen paa NSOK(K), Oslo, April 2014
- and thank you, fellow speakers:-
Björn Gremner, Johanne Huitfeldt; Christiaan Jörg; Knut Myrer; and Eva Ströber
Paa Gensyn!

By George!  Handel's Music for Royal Occasions
-continuing exhibition at the Foundling Museum -until 18th May 2014 

1st July 2014 - The Complete London Hogarth Tour 
To join waiting list or to be informed of next Hogarth tour:
visit the Martin Randall Travel page

and A New season of Antiques Roadshow... 
Filming of the 37th season begins in May 2014.
(For transmission dates of the current  series, click here)

2015 SPECIALIST CHINA TOUR with MRT, April 2015
Details soon!
Meanwhile, contact me to express interest